The Imbiber

 In the mid 60s a rag tag group of miscreants and misguided misanthropic ne'er do-wells banned together and created a softball team.  This gang of miscasted  athletes prone to mischief and mishap could only be described as "miscellaneous".  

As the team went from bar to bar seeking a new sponsors, all their efforts and displays of physical prowess ability skills attendance were recorded.  In March of 1966 a newspaper called "The Imbiber" mysteriously appeared in the Cas-Bar.  It chronicled  the games, practices and the general life styles of the team members and their support staff.  Please take the editor's (the Mad Typer) comments with a grain of salt.  He has tried to portray the team as having a drinking problem.  No-one on the team had any problems drinking.

A new edition will be posted each week.  Below is a key to some of the names mentioned in the paper.  Please click on the issue you wish to read and be patient it may load slowly.

Stinky- Joe R > Joe Randall
Noelly > Noel McNamarra
Fats > Mike Dumas
Bill D > Billy Donnely
Carlie T - Tibby > Charlie Tiberowski
Mike M > Mike McKeon
Deacon > Bob McPherson
Jerry L - Gorilla Head > Jerry Levinson
Tom Mc > Tom McClarnon
Nut > Bob Knutsen
RB (Rubber Band) > Al Cassale
Red Baron > Jim McKeon
Irish > John McNamara
Howdy Doody > Eddie Coyle
Cas-Bar > Pop's Bar
Sub-Deacon > Dan Mcpherson
Jimmy L > Jimmy Long
Bob G > Bob Geary
Tom MC > Tom McClarnen
Frank R > Frank Reynolds
Vinny R > Vinny Rooney